Exploring Old Maps

Second International Workshop on Exploring Old Maps (EOM 2017)
Universität Würzburg, April 6–7, 2017


Thursday, April 6
13:15 Opening & Ice breaker with maps
Querying Historical Maps as a Unified, Structured, and Linked Spatiotemporal Source
Yao-Yi Chiang (Spatial Sciences Institute, University of Southern California)
14:30 Coffee break
Georeferencing Old Large-Scale Maps from a Research on Historical Routes Perspective
Daniel Blank and Andreas Henrich (University of Bamberg)
Metadata-Aware Map Processing – An Automated Metadata Retrieval and Management Workflow for Analysing Old Maps
Hendrik Herold, H. Kollai, M. Neubert, G. Meinel (Institute of Ecological and Regional Development, Dresden), R. Grunktzke, P. Winkler (Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing, TU Dresden)
Open Historical Data Map – a Prototype
Thomas Schwotzer (HTW Berlin)
15:50 End of contributed talks on day 1.
16:00 Tour of the Würzburg University Library map collection
18:30 Dinner (Würzburger Ratskeller)

Friday, April 7
Georeferencing by Crowdsourcing: The Maps in the Crowd-project of Leiden University Libraries
Martijn Storms (Leiden University Libraries)
Deep Learning for Place Name OCR in Early Maps
Winfried Höhn (Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication, University of Luxembourg)
Exploring Local Geography for Toponym Matching
Benedikt Budig (Chair for Computer Science I, University of Würzburg)
10:40 Coffee break
Digitising Schematic Maps: Recreating or Reinventing History
Maxwell Roberts (Department of Psychology, University of Essex)
From Many User-Contributed Polygons to One Building Footprint
Fabian Feitsch (Chair for Computer Science I, University of Würzburg)
Annotating Old Maps with Recogito 2
Rainer Simon (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology), Valeria Vitale (Institute of Classical Studies, London), Leif Isaksen (Lancaster University), Elton Barker (Open University, Milton Keynes) and Rebecca Kahn (Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin)
Tunnels of Knowledge: Mapping Today's "Secrets" from Yesterday's Public Maps (and Improving Public Safety)
Paul Sladen (Astronomical Calculation Institute, University of Heidelberg)
12:20 Future Issues, Discussion, Exploring Old Maps 2018 (EOM18).
13:00 Closing / Lunch